Copy Editing

Copy editing is utilised when it’s time to work on the intricate details: voice, paragraphing, sentence structure, progression of thought, depth of detail, tense, point of view, pace, tension, spelling, grammar, capitalization and word choice.

Reputable publishing houses have a team of editors who work through manuscripts a number of times at this stage. Most self-published authors hire a freelance editor to do it for them. While many emerging writers spend very little time here and just print the damn thing.

We believe your work should be as polished as possible before being released to a wider audience or submitted to a publisher. Publishers won’t be as willing to invest in your manuscript if it needs a lot of work. And, if a reader pays for your self-published book, you want to give them the most enjoyable experience possible.

Bad copy editing lowers a book’s readability and drags readers out of your story, deterring them from finishing your book and buying the next.

Anything with your name on it should be as error proof as possible. This will create a positive image of you as an author and create a standard of excellence. Establish yourself as a skilled writer and you will gain credibility. A good reputation will lead to a wider readership and publishers will be more willing to invest in your work.

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