Q. When will your website be finished?
A. While generating new clients is vital to our business model, we are focused on meeting existing deadlines. In the mean time, if you would like more information on a particular service, please visit contact us.

Q. Are my documents safe with Error Proof?
A. We store electronic files on a server protected by a rotating system of passwords, antivirus and backup software. When not being worked on, hardcopies are kept in a fireproof safe.

Q. Is my work protected by copyright law?
A. We take your intellectual property seriously and uphold all copyright laws. By agreeing to read your work, Error Proof, its employees and subcontractors swear to not reproduce, imitate, share or discuss the contents of your submissions with third parties, unless requested by you. For longer works, and those of a sensitive nature, we are willing to enter into a Confidentiality Agreement, or Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Q. Can you give advice on other fields?
A. We do not claim to be experts in fields other than written English and cannot offer advice on topics outside of this, but may know organisations that can.

Q. Can you print my book?
A. We can print small runs of up to 250gsm, A3 sized material in-house. For larger runs and sizes, we can help you choose the best printer for your job. We also provide a hassle-free option where we do all the leg work.

Q. Where can I get more information on copyright laws?
A. You can find loads of information on The Australian Copyright Council (www.copyright.org.au/) and Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) (www.copyright.com.au/) websites.

Q. Where can I get more information on contract laws?
A. The Australian Contract Law website (www.australiancontractlaw.com/) contains lots of information on contracts, when they should be used, how they are formed, what they should contain and why it is important for both parties to follow them.

Q. Where can I get more information on defamation laws?
A. The best resources, other than consulting a lawyer, are a free website for journalists and the media (http://thenewsmanual.net/Resources/medialaw_in_australia_02.html), and one by not-for-profit oganisation Electronc Frontiers Australia Inc (www.efa.org.au/Issues/Censor/defamation.html).