Manuscript Appraisals

Any genre: fiction, non-fiction, creative non-fiction, memoir, autobiographical and experimental.

Any form: flash fiction, short stories, long short stories, novellas, novels and series’.

We read your submission a number of times until we are familiar with your unique voice and are able to identify what stage your writing career is at. We then compile a report with a minimum number of words based on how many are in your original document (detailed below).

The report will provide general feedback on your story. Things we instinctively ask ourselves while reading your prose include:

Does the first paragraph (or, in the case of longer work, the first page) place the reader firmly in the story and establish the overarching moods, themes and story problems explored in the rest of the piece?

  • Are most of the early story hooks paid off by the middle and a few left until the end?
  • Is the voice original and engaging?
  • Are the characters believable and is their behavior consistent, or intentionally inconsistent?
  • Is there a good balance of setting, action, narrative and dialogue?
  • Is there definite conflict, drama, pace and tension?
  • Are there too many characters early on, or too few later?
  • Would the story be better told in a different structure, point of view, tense?
  • Does the setup lead to an interesting conflict/dilemma and is it enough to encourage a person to read from start to finish?
  • Are there any overly slow points where readers might be turned off from continuing?
  • Do scenes or chapters end on cliffhangers or are other (fiction) techniques used to lure the reader back?
  • Is the point of highest tension/final climax explored in full, is the voice at this point active, immersive, immediate, engaging and full of drama?
  • Does the ending tie up all the loose ends and/or raise interesting points to think about, leaving the reader satisfied about how much time they spent on the story?

Fee Structure

Please note: the below minimums are the exception, rather than the rule; reports are often two to three times longer. If we can’t reach the minimum, for whatever unforeseeable reason, we will give you the report for free.

Words submitted  Report length (minimum)  Fee
Up to 1,000 words 250 words $20
1,001 to 5,000 words

250 words per 1,000 submitted

$20 plus $10 per 1,000 words of prose
5,001 to 10,000 1,500 $100
10,001 to 30,000 2,000 $200
30,001 to 60,000 2,500 $350
60,001 to 85,000 2,750 $400
85,001 or more 3,000 $450


We will ask you to fill out our submission form designed specifically for prose. Although you don’t need to fill out the submission form in full, it might help you express your concerns and raise a few questions you hadn’t thought of. We are happy to answer any specific questions.If submitting a printed copy of your work, please ensure to include a stamped self addressed envelope large enough to fit your original document and the report.

The font should be 12pt, Times New Roman, it should be printed on one side of each page, with wide margins (2.0cm min) and double spaced paragraphing.

Whether submitting an electronic or hard copy, please make sure you keep all originals.