Our proofreaders are the sharp-eyed eagles of the writing business—almost nothing escapes them. They can spot extra spaces between words and lines, indented paragraphs that shouldn’t be, back-to-front apostrophes, missing full stops and commas, hyphens that should be en or em dashes, incorrectly capitalised letters and many other errors missed or introduced during the writing process.

If one of our editors has worked with you until this stage, you will be assigned a separate proofreader—the fine details are very hard to see for someone who has had to skip over them in previous drafts. Most of the obvious errors will have been resolved, so this stage is quite brief and may only take a few hours, depending on your ability to implement previous drafts without introducing new errors. A few are inevitable. A lot can be quite time consuming to fix and is considered copyediting.

If you require proofreading only, we can correct between two thousand and three thousand words per hour, depending on the amount of errors.

For a guaranteed quote, we will need to see the document, or, for pieces above five thousand words, a twenty percent sample. Your editor will advise you immediately if the body of the work is of a lower standard than the sample provided.