If your book is not suitable for mainstream publication (such as a family history, personal history, family recipe book, family photos) or you only want to give them to select people, we can help you self-publish your book, for full details please refer to Book production.
Many years ago self-publishing was considered to be an act of self-gratification, the easy way out, not considered proper publishing. More recently self-published books have outsold many traditional major publishers.

You can control your book from start to finish, you don’t have to deal with pushy designers and publishers, and we work for you. Our goal is to produce the book you want, while ensuring that it appeals to a wide readership in an easily recognized format. You make one hundred percent of the profit. While self-publishing is a viable alternative to the traditional publication model, you will have to work a lot harder and take on many roles and responsibilities such as editing, design, launch, marketing and distribution.

We recommend for the vast majority of manuscripts that you approach an established publisher who might be interested in your book; however, you may be rejected for many different reasons.

If you’ve been rejected by a few publishers and are feeling discouraged, remember that Dr Suess, Sir Terry Pratchett, JK Rowling and Matthew Reilly and many other successful authors were rejected by publishers multiple times. You can follow the path of Matthew Reilly and self-publish your book!

If you’re receiving a lot of rejection letters even though you have refined your manuscript, there are many other reasons why your manuscript may be rejected by multiple publishers. Some examples are: a publisher isn’t accepting unsolicited manuscripts (manuscripts must be received through an agent), they have published a similar book already, a manuscript might not fit what the publishing house publishes (sending romance manuscript to a sci-fi publisher).

For full details of self-publishing please refer to Book production. We can help you refine your manuscript to a high quality, giving you a greater chance at being published manuscript development.
While we aren’t a traditional publisher and we don’t show your books to booksellers we can refer you to the most appropriate industry leading businesses. Under no circumstances will we guarantee you an amount of sales.

Author Websites
Your self-publishing strategy should include your: author bio, press release, marketing strategy, distribution strategy, social media presence, book and author website, you may also consider creating a book trailer to be embedded on your website and shared on YouTube.

Please look at website creation for pricing.