“I began my writing career only twelve months ago with the intention of writing a memoir about a personal health experience. I was a complete writing novice. I engaged the assistance of Error Proof for direction, editing and over-all mentoring. The professionalism of the team guided me through the book writing process, providing me with the tools to successfully complete my first manuscript. I am currently in the drafting process with continued support from Error Proof and have found their service to be invaluable. Thanks, Emanuel. Here’s to being published in 2013.”  Antonio Iannella, Emerging Writer

“Emanuel has been with the SEED magazine team since we started as editors. He has volunteered his time proving his dedication to writing which he presents with a wonderful turn of prose. His strengths lie in his very rapid time management and quality proofreading, which SEED magazine has come to depend upon.”  Michelle Smart, Editor at SEED magazine

“Have you ever written a piece of writing, be it for a school project or just fun, and thought it was great, but when you showed it to a friend or teacher, have them roll their eyes or lose interest? I have. While a part of the Professional Writing and Editing course at Victoria University, I found I needed help to get my stories in top shape, be that Point of View or Story Structure, and Emanuel of Error Proof has helped me improve my writing astronomically. I hope to one day have a book published, and when I do, I will make sure to have my manuscript checked out here first! Thank you so much for all your help.”  Elizabeth Azzopardi, Managing Editor of Platform magazine, issue 12

“My grant application had all the facts, but was lacking finesse. As a professional writer, I know how hard it is to edit and proofread my ow0n work. Emanuel came through with his trademark energy and a welcome fresh set of eyes to lift my application and CV to the highest possible level. His work gave me more confidence in my own. Thanks, Emanuel.”  Margaret McCarthy, Professional Writer, Poet and Creative Writing Short Course Facilitator

“I’ve been writing since I’ve been able to wield a pen, albeit incomprehensibly at first. Some twenty years later and into my second year of Professional Writing, I discovered Error Proof. With their extensive range of services and helpful advice, I am confident in my ability to produce a piece of writing that is not only precise, but also of a high standard. Let’s face it, the world of writing is a minefield. Error Proof has given me the map to get across most of the way unscathed. Many regards, Emanuel.”  Alex Presincula, Emerging Writer, Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing Student

“It has been great to work with Emanuel. I highly recommend the services of this diligent editor, who has the ability to make your writing truly error proof.”  Glen Trask, Editor of Heretic magazine