Our programs come in a variety of formats: casual, workshop, tutorials and intensive dictionary pencil note3(see below for specific details). Our programs are ideal for both individuals and groups.

A variety of time limits (from one to six hours) are available to choose from to cater to your individual and group needs and abilities. We provide a variety of payment options for your convenience (see below for details). For program prices please refer to individual program listings.

We offer a variety of training programs from informal two hour workshops on The Legal Aspects of Writing, Writing a CV and Finding Your Voice; four three-hour training sessions on DIY Book Production, The Editing Process and Creating an Effective Online Presence; to twelve three-hour intensives on Producing a Book or Anthology.

Program Formats

Casuals are informal groups of no more than twelve participants who know each other and are comfortable as a group, or eight who do not know each other. The facilitator leads participants through discussions on relevant topics and encourages them to come to their own conclusions, clarifying ambiguities and giving specific examples and solid facts where needed.

Workshops are slightly more structured sessions of no more than fifteen participants. The facilitator gives lots of examples and uses reference books where needed. Participants are encouraged to discuss grey areas and matters of style.

Tutorials are more formal sessions. Most topics have definite rules and industry standards. When topics concern matters of style and can be approached in various ways, the facilitator demonstrates common industry practices and allows for discussion among participants. Maximum twenty participants.

Intensives are fast paced sessions requiring participants’ full attention. Other than specific questions and facilitator lead discussions, participants are expected to stay on topic. There is no limit to the amount of participants in these sessions, but more time is required for groups larger than thirty.

Program Duration

The duration of programs can be adjusted to suit participants’ age and writing ability. The closer a session is to the maximum duration the less formal it will be, allowing more time for discussion and one-on-one guidance.

Sessions longer than two hours can be divided among consecutive weeks, preferably no less than one hour and no more than six hours per session, per week. Sessions longer than four hours require a thirty-minute break at the midpoint. All programs include time for questions. The facilitator will also be available after each session.


Sessions are charged per group or per individual. Payable by cash, bank transfer, bank or government department cheque, money order or PayPal (2.4% surcharge). Community and school groups may be eligible for local council, state and/or national government funding. Please advise if you would like help with your funding application.