Editorial Services

Error Proof provides a number of editing services to identify and resolve the logonb170grammatical, spelling, punctuation, formatting and logic errors difficult to see in your own writing. These errors often exist not because you are a bad writer, or lack the skill to perform such tasks, but are a result of the words blurring together because you have read them so many times.

Please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote on our prompt, accurate and affordable services for
Individuals (blogs, family histories, complaints, statutory declarations, personal letters)
Emerging and self-published authors (manuscripts, short stories, bios, query letters, residency and grant applications)
Magazine and book publishers (proofreading, book production, cover design, slush pile management)
Students (course and scholarship applications, assignments, essays, theses)
Job seekers (resumes, cover letters, job applications)
Businesses (employee manuals, websites, fliers, signage, business plans, tenders, loan applications)
Academics and teachers (PowerPoint displays, handouts, dissertations, scientific reports, journals)
Council and government departments (grant applications, funding requests, reports, newsletters), and
Anyone else hoping to convey information in written English.